Casa Fin | Ricette - PÂTÉ - Grand Marnier Pâté (Rita and Tommie's)

 Recipe Title
arrow PÂTÉ - Grand Marnier Pâté (Rita and Tommie's)

 Recipe Author arrow Rita Fin and Tommie Andersson
 The Story Behind The Recipe arrow Shared with friends and family at many a Swedish Christmas and Hudi Cup!
 The Recipe's Country of Origin
arrow France
 Meal Type arrow Party catering
 Preparation Time arrow 30 mins, plus refrigeration overnight (optional - plus soaking juniper if used: do that the night before)
 Cooking Time arrow 10-15 mins
 Oven Temperature arrow N/A
 Number of Servings arrow Makes about 750ml of pâté
arrow (optional : soak  5  crushed juniper berries over night in a little Grand Marnier)
1. 125g butter
2. 500g chicken livers (or duck)
3. 1 med onion, chopped
4. 2 spring onions, chopped (or French shallots)
5. 2 cloves garlic, crushed
6. 2 - 3 Tbs Grand Marnier
7. 1/2 cup thin cream
8. 2 teaspoon chopped fresh Thyme (don't used dried)
9. 2 Tbs Parsley, chopped finely
10. 2Tbs chives, chopped finely
11. nutmeg grated
12. salt and pepper

 Ingredients Source arrow 1. You will find your pancetta piece at any good Italian Deli the Deli section
2. I use a good heavy based Casserole - Bessemer Pot for this recipe

 Cooking Instructions arrow 1. Trim livers of sinew.
2. Heat butter in a large heavy based pan.
3. Put livers, onion, garlic, in pan over med heat and stir until liver is almost cooked (still pink) and onion is soft. About 3 - 4 mins depending on size of livers
4. Add Grand Marnier (and juniper berries if used) Bring to boil and simmer on low 2 -3 mins.
5. Remove and cool slightly
6.  Place mixture in blender. Process for 20-30 secs, or until smooth.
7. Add cream, process 10 secs
8. Add herbs, salt and pepper and process a few secs until mixed in
9. Spoon into 1 large bowl or several small ramekins and refrigerate overnight
10. Keeps c. 3 days in the fridge. Can be frozen

 Serving Suggestions arrow ie Crusty French bread or crackers

Buon appetito!