Casa Fin | Ricette - Kalops (Swedish Beef Stew)

 Recipe Title
arrow Kalops (Swedish Beef Stew)

 Recipe Author arrow Tommie Andersson
 The Story Behind The Recipe arrow Every year since 1993, the Hudi Cup has been held for enthusiasts in the family (and beyond) of the Swedish Table Ice Hockey tradition, hosted by the Ardensooon family. KALOPS is a dish that has been served at every Hudi Cup and has been prepared by various members of the family over the years and eaten by Fins, including Giuseppe when he has been able to make an appearance. Submitted by Mr Ardensoooooooon
 The Recipe's Country of Origin
arrow Sweden
 Meal Type arrow Main Course
 Preparation Time arrow 30 minutes
 Cooking Time arrow 2 hours
 Oven Temperature arrow N/A
 Number of Servings arrow 4-6
arrow 1 kg stewing beef (plus extra bones, if available) rump, brisket, chuck or shin.
¼ teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons butter
Red wine –  a few tablespoons
2 medium onions,  thinly sliced
2 -3 bay leaves, split
10 – 15 whole allspice
4-5 dl (1 3/4 to 2 cups ) beef stock or water (not too salty)
3-4 small carrots, sliced in rounds
Optional – ½ cup sour cream

 Ingredients Source arrow N/A
 Cooking Instructions arrow 1. Cut the meat in large cubes (1 ½ “ cubes). Dust in flour, pepper and salt (use plastic bag and shake)
2. Heat the butter in a heavy saucepan.
When the foam subsides, add the meat and brown it well on all sides.
3. Pour in a few tablespoons of red wine to scrape up the pan.
4. Add the onions, bay leaf, allspice, and stock.
5. Cover and simmer till tender, 1 ½ to 2 hours.
Add carrots last 20 minutes.
Can be cooked in a slow cooker
Add sour cream when re-heating or when ready to serve (optional)

(Serve with boiled potatoes, pickled beets and tossed salad.)

 Serving Suggestions arrow Buon appetito!