Casa Fin | Ricette - Piselli (Pea) Soup

 Recipe Title
arrow Piselli (Pea) soup

 Recipe Author arrow Anna Fin Roja
 The Story Behind The Recipe arrow N/A
 The Recipe's Country of Origin
arrow N/A
 Meal Type arrow Lunch or  Dinner
 Preparation Time arrow 20 minutes
 Cooking Time arrow 2.5 hours
 Oven Temperature arrow N/A
 Number of Servings arrow Lots
arrow 1.  1 lrge chopped onion
2.  1-2 clove chopped garlic
3.  2 large carrots finely chopped
4.  2 stalks celery finely chopped
5.  2 spoons of chopped parsley
6.  1 + half pkts frozen peas
7.  1 small piece of pancetta (dolce)
8.  3 -4 cubes of “Massel” chicken stock cubes
9.  Salt + pepper to taste (only a little as pancetta is salty)
10. Parmigiano –grated + 1 small rind
11. Good olive oil
12. Tomato concentrato – 2 spoons

 Ingredients Source arrow 1. You will find your pancetta piece at any good Italian Deli the Deli section
2. I use a good heavy based Casserole - Bessemer Pot for this recipe

 Cooking Instructions arrow 1. Sauté onion, garlic, carrot, celery + parsley in good olive oil for 10-15 mins, last 5 mins add your whole piece of pancetta + spoon in tomato concentrato
2. Make up your chicken stock & add to pan with frozen peas + parmigiano rind – stir
3. Bring all to the boil
4. Simmer for 2 – 2+half hrs on stove, stir occasionally
5. When cooked, remove pancetta piece + parmigiano rind & whiz whole soup with hand whizzer.
6. You will achieve a terrific soup you can eat with your family! …(Freeze the rest )

 Serving Suggestions arrow 1. Add some boiled pastina or rice to this dish when you serve it up.
2. The more adventurous can add croutons!
3. Grate/shaved parmigiano on top to taste!
4. If you can’t find pancetta…you can use bacon. Never throw away the rind to your parmigiano.
5. You can freeze them & add them to many soups for added flavour or place in extra virgin olive oil for bread dipping.
6. Once again…another recipe you can freeze!

Buon appetito!