Casa Fin | Ricette - Zia Maria’s Crostata

 Recipe Title
arrow Zia Maria’s Crostata

 Recipe Author arrow Zia Maria
 The Story Behind The Recipe arrow Zia Maria’s crostata was & always be the best ever! Served at many Fin/Defant celebrations.
 The Recipe's Country of Origin
arrow Italia
 Meal Type arrow Dolci
 Preparation Time arrow N/A
 Cooking Time arrow 30-40 minuntes
 Oven Temperature arrow 160 degrees C
 Number of Servings arrow N/A
arrow 200 gr butter (softened at room temp)
half kilo of plain flour
200 gr caster sugar
1 whole grated lemon rind
2 egg yolks
1 full egg
Liquore of your choice (eg. sweet white wine,sambuca,brandy)
1 ts vanilla essence
Apricot & marmalade jam (mixed)
Pine nuts (optional)

 Ingredients Source arrow If your recipe requires any unusual ingredients not easily found at major supermarkets please suggest where it can be obtained (or possible substitutes)
 Cooking Instructions arrow 1. spread flour & sugar on bench making hole in centre
2. rub butter in gently with fingers to the flour & sugar
3. in the centre crack the eggs in & vanilla & lemon rind & liquore
4. make all into pastry working quickly & press into large tray with fingers, keeping a bit of pastry apart for the top criss –cross layers
5. spread the jam mixture onto pastry
6. with the remaining pastry make criss-crosses on top like a tart
7. Add pine nuts if you want

 Serving Suggestions arrow Good caffe or nice cup of tea or liquori

Buon appetito!