Casa Fin | Ricette - Zia Maria’s Pizza

 Recipe Title
arrow Zia Maria’s Pizza

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 Recipe Author arrow Zia Maria
 The Story Behind The Recipe arrow Another hit with everyone! No one ever made pizza come Zia Maria! It was passed around with no leftovers.
 The Recipe's Country of Origin
arrow Italia
 Meal Type arrow Main /entre
 Preparation Time arrow N/A
 Cooking Time arrow Until cooked
 Oven Temperature arrow 200 degrees C
 Number of Servings arrow N/A
arrow Half kilo flour
Salt to taste
20 gr of fresh yeast or- 1 pkt of pkt yeast
Luke warm water 1 – 1 half cups
2 spoons of olive oil

 Ingredients Source arrow If your recipe requires any unusual ingredients not easily found at major supermarkets please suggest where it can be obtained (or possible substitutes)
 Cooking Instructions arrow 1. in a cup mix in fresh yeast in a cup of luke warm water. Let this rest & firment for an hour
2. spread flour on the bench leaving a hole in the middle
3. when yeast is ready pour into middle of flour add oil and work very, very well into dough
4. when dough has worked well cover and allow to rise in warm place
5. roll out again and knead into pizzas
6. add toppings of your own choice with good mozzarella cheese

 Serving Suggestions arrow Buon appetito!