Casa Fin Family Stories: Sandro's Story - Alessandro Fin

Sandro 01Sandro 02Hello..I am the 7th child and the 1st son.. living with such a big loud family has been the best thing ever.There has never been a dull moment growing up and there was always something going on.I especially looked forward to dinner time as there was always laughing and chatting and funny stuff going on.It was especially exciting to see my older sisters all having big fights with each other every now and then..they were very entertaining and sometimes physical...which was the best part.My brother and i were always up to something and we had the best sisters that brothers like us could ever ask for...always taking us places helping us with homework and just being great big sisters.My parents were very hard working and great caring parents and have alway been there for me and the rest of my family whenever we needed them.I always look forward to the gatherings that we have andSandro 04 its great to see how big my family has become with all the nieces and nephews.
I am married to a beautiful woman named Renee and we have a very energetic and beautiful 3 year old daughter named Ella.Both of my beautiful girls are the best thing that has ever happened to me and i love them very much.I work hard so that i can give to them what my parents have given to me.
I have been very lucky in that my parents and my brother and sisters have been an important part of my life..because of them it is why i am the man i am today...i love and look up to each and every one of them...and i look forward to so many more years with all of them.