Casa Fin Family Stories: Sil's Story - Silvana La Manna (née Fin)

Silvana Caterina (née Fin) La Manna

SilCiao! I am the 5th child in this incredibly dynamic, happy family. Growing up in the Fin household as held some wonderful memories for me.  I had loving, proud, hard working parents, 4 talented, smart and very individual big sisters to look up to, and 3 younger siblings, a very special and beautiful little sister and 2 fantastic little brothers, to help look after and spend so many hours having fun with. 
Life was chock-full of family, happiness, games, good food, our fair share of drama, and a 
Sil 01 considerable amount of prayer, but most of all music and singing….. we sung a lot…. I guess we still do!  Just one (of many) stand out memories for me would be coming back from one of our numerous Sunday trips to “there and back to see how far it is” (thanks Mum) with the entire Fin Family in the Combi-van, singing songs in 4 part harmony in English, Italian and even a few in Latin…or saying the rosary led by Dad to keep the family safe –ora pro nobissssssssss!

So, I met my husband Lino, a local neighbourhood spunk, when I was 13, we courted back and forth for a few years until at 16 I decided he was the guy I wanted and we started going out.  Lino also comes from Italian background, his Dad Michele La Manna is from Grottaminarda near Naples and his Mum Giovanna Lento from Catanzaro in Calabria, he has a younger brother Adriano – good, honest salt of the earth people!
Sil 02sil 04
We had an unexpected, scary, lovely surprise when we found out we were expecting our first baby when we were both just 17.   Our families (once they got over a little shock) were most loving and supporting, helped us arrange the marriage, accommodation, build our house and help set us up. Lino worked hard and long to make a good life for us, he is a loving, passionate, strong man with a big heart, and we absolutely adore our 4 children: 

Rebecca Marie
– April 1984; beautiful and full of life, and loved by all she meets. She’s matured into a strong, caring, intelligent and very independent woman.

- February 1987; clever, talented, handsome, athletic, loving and most entertaining, he keeps us all laughing, has a deep passion for life and is a fierce defender of family.   
sil 06

Patricia Giovanna - July 1989; (named for both her Nonna’s) gorgeous, really smart, an absolute beautiful soul, she carries on my passion for singing with her impressive vocals.

Daniel Joseph
– May 1993; strong, independent, smart, creative and also athletic, a very commanding individual, with a big heart just like his Papa.

I am very proud of my family, I love them all so much, and I consider myself most fortunate.